2023 SKOL Ranch – Buzzz Mid-Range


Buzzz – Mid-range: Disc golf’s most popular mid-range disc, known for its consistency and compatibility with various throwing styles. Offers straight-to-stable flights. Available in multiple plastics.

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Buzzz – Midrange: Straight-to-Stable Flights

Discover why the Buzzz is disc golf’s most popular midrange disc, trusted by players of all skill levels. Renowned for its consistency and compatibility with a wide range of throwing styles, the Buzzz is a low-profile modern midrange that sets the gold standard for straight-to-stable flights.

With its reliable and stable performance, the Buzzz (3 z’s) has earned its reputation as one of the most sought-after midrange discs worldwide. Regardless of your power level, this disc delivers the flight you desire. Powerful throws allow the Buzzz to hold any line you put on it, while lighter and level throws exhibit a slight fade.

The Buzzz is available in various plastic blends, including Glo and Titanium, catering to your personal preference. In Pro-D plastic, it boasts a stability rating of 0, and in all other plastic blends, it remains slightly overstable with a Discraft rating of 0.5. Join the ranks of Buzzz enthusiasts and experience the consistent performance and exceptional feel of this remarkable midrange disc.


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