2023 SKOL Ranch – Buzzz SS Mid-Range


Buzzz SS – Midrange: A less stable version of the ultra-popular Buzzz midrange disc. Great for beginners who struggle with controlling fade. Comes in durable Z plastic.

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Buzzz SS – Midrange: Smooth and Anhyzer-Friendly

Experience the flight of a seasoned Buzzz right out of the box with the Buzzz SS midrange disc. Designed to hit pinpoint gaps and deliver super smooth, buttery anhyzers, the Buzzz SS is a must-have for all Buzzz fans seeking less stability.

As a less stable version of the ultra-popular Discraft Buzzz, this midrange disc offers excellent control and reduced fade, making it particularly well-suited for beginners who struggle with managing fade. The Buzzz SS is available in the ultra-durable Z grade plastic, ensuring longevity and consistent performance throughout your rounds.

Embrace the same great feel of the Buzzz while enjoying the advantages of its decreased stability. Add the Buzzz SS to your bag and take advantage of its versatility and reliability on the course.


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