2023 SKOL Ranch – Force Distance Driver


Force – Distance Driver: A very overstable distance driver built for power throwers seeking maximum fade and distance. Discraft’s fastest flying overstable driver.

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Force – Distance Driver: Maximum Fade and Overstable Power

Unleash maximum fade and overpower the course with the Force Distance Driver. Regarded as one of the most overstable drivers on the market, the Discraft Force boasts a stability rating of 2.0, ensuring reliable and predictable flights.

Featuring a wide rim (2.3cm) and capable of reaching high speeds, the Force was specifically built for power throwers seeking increased distance. As Discraft’s fastest flying overstable driver, the Force empowers you to achieve remarkable distances while maintaining control over your shots.

If you throw with force and demand a disc that matches your power, the Force is an essential addition to your bag. Embrace its overstable characteristics and witness the tremendous impact it has on your distance throws.


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