2023 SKOL Ranch – Heat Distance Driver


Heat – Distance Driver: A breakthrough disc that delivers improved distance, control, and glide for new and developing players. Ideal for finesse and controlled turnover shots.

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Heat – Distance Driver: Control, Glide, and Distance

Experience control, glide, and improved distance, especially at slower arm speeds, with the Heat Distance Driver. Originally introduced as the 2014 Ace Race Disc, the Heat quickly gained popularity among players due to its outstanding qualities.

Featuring a smaller rim for enhanced grip and maneuverability, the Heat is considered a breakthrough disc that empowers new and developing players to achieve improved distances. Its incredible glide allows for longer finesse shots and controlled turnover shots, making it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

Take advantage of the Heat’s control and distance capabilities and witness your throws soar to new heights. Perfect for straight-line finesse shots and controlled turnovers, this disc will quickly become a reliable companion on the course.


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