2023 SKOL Ranch – Thrasher Distance Driver


Thrasher – Distance Driver: A high-speed driver with an easygoing turn, providing maximum distance for slower arm speeds. Offers clean anhyzers and is suitable for a range of players.

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Thrasher – Distance Driver: Easygoing Turn for Maximum Distance

If you’re seeking maximum distance, look no further than the Thrasher Distance Driver. This high-speed disc combines an easygoing turn with outstanding performance, catering to lower arm speeds while remaining big arm-friendly.

While the Thrasher is a very fast and understable disc, it is crucial to note that it is not excessively flippy. This allows for tremendous distance gains for slower arms, while still offering a reliable and controlled flight path. In most situations, the Thrasher finishes on a slow hyzer, enabling clean and satisfying anhyzers when desired.

The Thrasher is an excellent choice for players of various skill levels, providing ample distance for both experienced and novice disc golfers. Add this versatile mold to your collection and unlock the potential for impressive drives.


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