2023 SKOL Ranch – Zone Putter


Zone – Putt & Approach: The gold standard for putt and approach discs, providing dependable stability and excellent control. Suitable for both backhand and forehand shots.

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Zone – Putt & Approach: Gold Standard for Control

Elevate your putt and approach game with the Zone, the gold standard among discs in its category. Boasting dependable stability and exceptional performance for both backhand and forehand shots, the Zone is the go-to disc for countless players.

Designed with a slim profile and a thick rim (1.2cm), the Zone offers a comfortable grip and enhanced control. Its remarkable overstable flight path makes it ideal for tackling headwinds, executing strategic fades, delivering accurate forehand throws, and confidently slamming into chains at just the right angle.

Many Discraft enthusiasts consider the Zone an indispensable part of their bag, relying on its reliability and ability to handle the torque generated by flick putts and sidearm throws. Embrace the Zone’s exceptional stability and make precision shots an integral part of your game.


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