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SKOL Ranch Traveler Subscription

Elevate your disc golf journey with the SKOL Ranch Traveler subscription tier. For only $20 per month, not only will you receive member rates on Airbnb overnights at SKOL Ranch for just $60 per night, but you’ll also be rewarded with a complimentary two-night stay.

Immerse yourself in the captivating surroundings of our Colorado mountain paradise, enjoying extended moments of disc golf bliss. This subscription tier is perfect for those seeking a little extra pampering and the opportunity to experience the course for an extended period.

When you subscribe to SKOL Ranch, you become an invaluable member of our disc golf community. Your support not only helps us maintain the fairways, thoughtfully designed baskets, and immaculate surroundings but also enables us to organize engaging events, tournaments, and clinics. Together, we can continue promoting the growth of this amazing sport, inspiring novices and veterans alike to embrace the exhilaration of disc golf.

Join us in cultivating the future of disc golf at SKOL Ranch. Your subscription, no matter the size, will help us flourish and provide the outstanding experiences you’ve come to expect. Together, let’s create a legacy of excellence and ensure that disc golf enthusiasts have a remarkable place to call home.

With the SKOL Ranch Traveler subscription, your passion for nature, disc golf, and adventure will know no bounds!

Some of the things your subscription helps pay for:

  • Tools for course maintenance – rakes, shovels, trowels, gloves, landscaping equipment such as chainsaws, weedeaters, etc.
  • ATV Maintenance – you cannot drag downed trees without an ATV
  • Trash Hauling
  • Septic Maintenance
  • Various expenses associated with owning and maintaining 20 acres of land
  • Birdseed for the voracious little appetites SKOL Ranch is so loved for…


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