SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course; A Hidden Colorado Gem with 20 Baskets

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SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course

SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course, located in the southern portion of the Front Mountain Range in Colorado, offers a truly unforgettable disc golf Airbnb experience.

Hi! We’re SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course

My wife Kristina and I, who had spent most of our lives in Iowa, made the decision to exit stage left and start a new chapter in Colorado in 2016. After selling my wife’s farmland, we were fortunate enough to purchase a beautiful 20-acre plot nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, about an hour west of Colorado Springs. The moment we arrived and saw the breathtaking view of Pikes Peak, the highest peak in the southern Front Range, we knew we had something special that we couldn’t keep to ourselves.

SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course aerial view

Despite the challenges and hardships we experienced along the way, we wanted to share the magic of our new life with everyone. So we put our heads together, and we came up with the perfect idea to do just that. Making Jeep trails across the property, I started envisioning epic shots across our rolling hills, and with Kristina’s support, we decided to create our very own disc golf course.

And just like that, SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course was born.

Introducing SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course

Slowly but surely, I began working on a plan to build a course that would provide both a challenge and a whole lotta fun for disc golfers of all skill levels.

SKOL Ranch Disc Golf course boasts unique pin positions, elevation changes, and, of course, the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains with views of Pikes Peak. When I installed the course in 2017, we started with only nine holes, but the overwhelming response from players led us to expand it to 18 holes and even add a bonus 19th hole in 2018. Now, I am working on creating short and long tee pads for the entire layout, adding a Purple (short) and Gold (long) course.

Basket 16 at SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course

While every hole on the course has its own charm, our signature hole is 17. On approach, you’ll find a meticulously maintained tee pad surrounded by rocks and boulders. From the tee pad, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of a valley, rolling pine-covered hills stretching into the distance, and of course, the nearby Pikes Peak.

The hole presents a clean fairway that moves from right to left, with a distance of about 420 feet. However, what makes this hole truly unique is the significant elevation difference between the tee pad and the pin location, allowing players to unleash their throws over the expanse of towering pines.

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

At SKÖL Ranch disc golf course, we wanted to maintain the natural beauty of the mountain landscape, which is why we chose primarily dirt tees for the course. We think it adds to the overall aesthetic and keeps the course in harmony with its surroundings. Although a few holes have paved tee pads, the dirt tees are well-received by disc golfers who appreciate the authenticity of the mountain experience.

Since SKÖL Ranch Disc Golf Course is a private, limited-access course, anyone interested in playing needs our permission to enter. We offer a personal touch to every player’s experience. When you arrive, I’ll personally greet you, walk you over to hole 1, and even give you a few pointers before you tee off. Want a more immersive experience? Ask for a course tour in our custom Minnesota Vikings-themed Jeep Rubicon, called the Rubivike.

SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course Jeep

Memberships and Overnight Stays

To make the most of your time and money at SKÖL Ranch, we offer various options. You can simply stop by and play for a small day-fee of $10, or you can choose to stay at our Airbnb Ranch Colorado and enjoy unlimited play during your visit.

We also offer an all-inclusive package deal called the Epic Mountain Disc Golf package, which includes accommodation, meals, and guidance to other fantastic disc golf courses in the Rocky Mountain region, all within an hour’s drive from SKÖL Ranch. As our guests, you’ll have access to our home, bathrooms, water, and other necessities to ensure your time at SKÖL Ranch is truly memorable.

And yes, we are both dog and cannabis friendly!

What is SKOL?

Finally, you may be wondering about the name “SKÖL Ranch.” Well, it’s derived from the Scandinavian word “skål,” which means “Cheers!” This word holds special significance for us as lifelong Minnesota Vikings fans.

The Vikings adopted “skål” as their “war cry” to celebrate victories and big moments during their games. To pay tribute to our favorite team, we named our disc golf course SKÖL Ranch. But beyond that, the name also perfectly captures the spirit of our course—a place worth raising a glass (or a bowl) to, where disc golfers can enjoy the picturesque landscapes, friendly atmosphere, and unforgettable experiences.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary disc golfing adventure surrounded by stunning views and a personal touch, don’t hesitate to reach out and join us at SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Course. Skål!

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